Minimum age to volunteer is 14, with parental or guardian supervision until age 16.

Please be advised that all we will require a criminal record check before you may volunteer within the ReStore.

We will contact you with further information on how to proceed with this.



Any person between the ages of 14-18 must have their parent/guardian come into the store to sign off on the application/agreement


  • Each person must fill out a volunteer application form, a confidentiality agreement and complete a criminal record check (age 18+)

  • Steel-toed shoes are required and not always provided. Please check for availability if you do not have your own.

  • Cell phone usage and smoking is not allowed unless on break.

  • No hats are to be worn unless it is a ReStore hat. We wash and clean these regularly. No clothing is to be worn that would be deemed offensive (language/drug reference/etc)