CSA approved steel toe boots must be worn at all times when working in the ReStore unless working at cash.


Other forms of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) are safety glasses, earplugs, dust masks, gloves, when working in certain situations

All employers/volunteers must exercise due diligence and take all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace

  • Volunteer orientation, education, and training

  • Regular inspections of the ReStore

  • Accident/Incident reports are made and documented

  • Safe workplace procedures and instructions

  • Must use forms and checklists

  • Enforcement of Health and Safety Rules and regulations

  • Ensure the workers/volunteers to First Aid Certified ratio complies with WCB

  • Ensure the workers/volunteer to First Aid Kits ratio complies with WCB

Every individual in a workplace has a direct responsibility to safety and is shared by management, supervisors, all workers and volunteers



Safety works when people work together!

Volunteers will never be asked to do something they are not comfortable with. Speak up!


Volunteers have the right to refuse unsafe work




Housekeeping in the ReStore:

  • Keep all walkways and stairways clear of debris to prevent tripping

  • Ensure visibility is at its best with proper lighting

  • Inspect ladders before use for defects or broken rungs

  • Use ladder at the proper angle 1’out from the wall for every 4’ rise

  • Do not remove, deface or destroy any safety sign or barricade;

  • Do not alter any safety device and repair or replace any missing safe guards;

  • Only use tools that are in good working order with all shields in place;

  • Only people who have comfort and training on how to use a particular tool should use it; and

  • Take the time needed to do the job properly; rushing leads to accidents

  • Ensure that all workers are behaving in a safe manner – no horseplay