Habitat for Humanity PEI Build Projects

Habitat PEI has been actively building homes on PEI since 1999. Since then, we have built 61 homes of all shapes and sizes in all corners of Prince Edward Island. Our largest developments include an area of Hillsborough Park and our subdivision in Harrington, PEI. We currently have two large projects planned to take place from 2019 to 2021 that will serve a total of 25 families!

Vision 2020

Our most ambitious undertaking ever, Vision 2020 is a 3-year project which will ultimately see 20 families purchase a safe, decent, and affordable home. Vision 2020 also marks the first time that Habitat PEI will construct multi-unit housing types. Highlights of the project include:


Our priority areas for Vision 2020 are families living with disabilities, Canadian Forces veterans, refugees, and families traditionally left out of the housing market.

What and Where:

2019 - Phase 1 - Four single family homes split between Harrington and Charlottetown. To see the hardworking families partnering on these builds click here.

2020 - Phase 2 - Eight townhouse units, built as two sets of four units, in the Greater Charlottetown Area. 

2021 - Phase 3 - An additional eight townhouse units, also built as two sets of four units, in the Greater Charlottetown Area. 


All units will be universally designed to meet the needs of those with additional mobility needs. All units will also be built to a minimum of an R-2000 standard; this means our homes will be at least 50% more energy efficient than the National Building Code and will lower to total cost of ownership for our partner families.

Indigenous Housing Partnership

In the Summer of 2018, Habitat for Humanity PEI and Lennox Island First Nation entered into a memorandum of understanding to bring our model of homeownership to the reserve. 

Habitat PEI will be partnering with Lennox Island to deliver the first home in 2019 with an additional two homes in each 2020 and 2021.

Apply for a Home

Interested in partnering with Habitat PEI? Habitat for Humanity PEI accepts applications once a year for a month during an open application window. The home application window for 2021 will soon be announced.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Habitat PEI has a variety of ways to partner with corporate and individual donors to help build homes for hardworking Island families. Click here for more information.

Vision 2020 Sponsors, Supporters, Advisers and Partners